Not your Mama's home makeover show (stumbleinebean) wrote in kunst_bar,
Not your Mama's home makeover show


Hello, I'm new here. I'm quite a fan of Paul Klee; this is one of my favorite paintings by him. In April I was able to visit the Kunstmuseum in Bern, Switzerland, where the majority of his works are displayed. His pencil drawings are amazing.

"The Tunisian Gardens." Sorry for the size; it's a bit small. Hope you enjoy.
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That painting is beautiful...thank you so much for posting that! And joining my community!

I hope you post more. I love Paul Klee...I heard he went senile, is that true?

I don't know for sure just where he went, but I have a great book on him and I will be sure to look him up.

I will post more, and I like this community.

Paul Klee is amazering! (sometimes makes me want to do patchwork quilting). That peice is gorgeous.